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The shropshire good food trail

June 24th to July 9 - County-wide

Do you like good food? Who doesn't!


This summer follow our Shropshire Good Food Trail and discover businesses and organisations across the county that GROW, MAKE, SELL and SERVE amazing food and drink that is good for people, the planet and the local economy.


The Shropshire Good Food Trail is a celebration of our
county’s rural heritage: to highlight Shropshire’s smaller-scale, more regenerative farmers and artisan producers and the shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants that support them.

The Shropshire Good Food Trail invites visitors and Salopians alike into the countryside and across the county for a series of events, talks, farm visits, and open-doors.

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get on the food trail 

We're looking for 50  Shropshire businesses that GROW, MAKE SELL or SERVE good food and can showcase some of the amazing food from the county.

If you're interested in being a part of the food trail, please get in touch through and we'll put you in touch with one of our coordinators to help you plan out how you can be involved in a way that best fits for you!

Why sign up?


  • We'll be running a countywide promotional campaign encouraging the general public to visit your venue

  • You'll get the opportunity to connect with more local producers and suppliers across the county

  • We'll shout about what you do and why it's so good across the local press, radio, social channels, podcasts, videos and newsletters

  • Your venue will be part of our good food directory


And it's ALL FREE... 

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