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The 2024 shropshire good food trail

This year, the Shropshire Good Food Trail will be running from July 20th to August 31st, 2024!


Now in its second year, the Shropshire Good Food Trail will once again showcase the businesses and organisations across the county that GROW, MAKE, SELL and SERVE amazing food and drink.


This is a celebration of Shropshire's Abundance. Local food that is that is good for people, the planet and the local economy. Across the county, the Good Food Trail highlights Shropshire’s smaller-scale, more regenerative farmers and artisan producers and the shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants that support them.

The Shropshire Good Food Trail invites visitors and Salopians alike into the countryside and across the county for the summer holidays to enjoy a series of events, talks, farm visits, and open-doors. Join us!

Would you like to be involved in this year's Good Food Trail as a host or venue? 

You can register your interest and become a SGFP Member by emailing or by downloading our registration form. 

Would you like to Sponsor the Shropshire Good Food Trail?

Shropshire Good Food Trail celebrates growers, makers, sellers and servers across the county that are producing food that is good for people, place and planet.


If you believe in a better food system and supporting the many producers and businesses that are making it happen, please get in touch to discuss how you or your organisation can become a sponsor of the Shropshire Good Food Trail. 

You can download a digital copy of the 2023 Shropshire Good Food Map below to see details of our first Food Trail. The Map will be updated once the venues and hosts for 2024 have ben finalised. 

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How it began

The Shropshire Good Food Trail launched in 2023 with over 50 members of the Shropshire Good Food Partnership opening their doors and farm gates to the wider public. 

  • Listen to the Podcast about the 2023 Shropshire Good Food Trail. 

  • Watch the Sustainable Food Places Knowledge-share Webinar on Bringing Food Trails to Life

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