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Blackhurst Highland Beef

Farm & Butcher

Blackhurst Highland Beef

Opening Hours:

Their next beef boxes are available 13th July or 20th August. See Facebook or Instagram.


We purchased our first three Highland Heifers in 2015. We now have a herd of approximately 60 including cows, calves and a bull.

Our native cattle are traditionally reared around the Lawley grazing the diverse rich habitat in the heart of the Shropshire Hills. Left to develop slowly to ensure a superior eating quality and flavour.

Our beef is sold on a pre-order basis via a regular box scheme. Beef is hung for 21 -24 days, expertly butchered, vacuum packed and labelled. By ordering one of our beef boxes you are in turn supporting local farmers, reducing food miles and having the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from.

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